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If you’ve ever fancied yourself a press person, and like to read the news or be involved in the news, then you should get some experience. You can get a newspaper template here that will allow you to report any news you want. They will challenge you to come up with great photos to promote your story or article, and come up with good copy to fill each page. You will be forced to write enough content to fill your column, but also to cull down your information to only the most important and relevant information if you have a huge story.

Once you have played around a little bit, you may even be able to change the layout of the columns, and get a few contributors to help you out. Editing other people’s stories is a large part of what makes a newspaper work and be successful. What do I put on page 1? What do I put on page 2? Learn the ropes to being a news person.

Also if your school needs a thermometer template you can look here for some free ones >

Sweat Off Your Weight

If you are looking for a good at home workout program, there are lots of options to help you sweat off your weight. Click here to visit a site that offers lots of videos that you can work out to, along with suggestions on how, when, and where to lose weight at home. It is a site dedicated to Exercise TV, which was a broadcast network that offered shows and on demand episodes to help you find an at home workout that fits your style and fitness needs.

There is no real trick or secret to losing weight. It just takes watching your diet, and sticking to an exercise program. If you’re looking to lose weight at home, you may need to have a few weights around, but access to the floor and a video will help you jump, press, squat, jog, and get a lot of calories burned in your home for little to nothing. Making sure you change up your exercise program is also important to keep from getting bored, and to make sure that you are working out different muscles over time.

If you want abs, there are workouts for that. If you’re interested in watching free workout videos, those are also available. If you want to work out with a guy or girl instructor, those are also options. The nice thing about home workout videos, is you can watch whenever you want, don’t have to pay for a membership or a class, and can find and get the exact workout for you. Check them out, and then go and sweat off your weight.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Won’t Be at CES

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been a huge phone for Samsung. It has vaulted the company into the #1 competing position with Apple for mobile phone dominance. Many say that Apple’s phones are the best and cannot be beaten, but some of the new features that the Galaxy S3 have displayed are more advanced than the Apple hardware. Sites have reviewed the screens of each phone, and generally say the iPhone 5 has a better screen as far as clarity, but the S3′s larger screen may be easier to see. The S3 certainly has a leg up with it’s NSF chip, and may other factors.

So, in 2013 the question will be-who will rein supreme in the mobile phone market? Apple is expected to release its iPhone 5s sometime, and Samsung is expected to release it’s Galaxy S4. However, a recent article by CNET indicates that the Galaxy S4 will not be shown at CES this year, meaning we’ll have to wait longer to see what each company plans to bring to market.

Do you think the new Galaxy S4 will be the phone to have? Or do you think the iPhone 5s will be the best phone? Check in with for new news about the Galaxy S4.

Cool Electronics

There are lots of cool electronics out these days, and amidst the hype of the latest and greatest, some items get forgotten pretty easily. Here are some we think are worth highlighting.

Waterproof shower radios

It’s pretty cool to listen to music in the shower, especially when it’s music you like and it sounds good. If you’re interested in the best waterproof shower radios, there is a list here.

Smoothie Makers and Juicers

These fun devices can help make a mean fruit smoothie or juice. They do a great job of getting all the juice, little to no pulp if you don’t want it, or tons of pulp if you do, and are easy to clean up. The next time you think fruit juice or smoothie, you’ll think about using one of these.

iPad Accessories

The iPad gets a lot of attention, as it should. However, these accessories are sweet, and complete the whole iPad experience. Make sure you check them out to see what you’ve been missing.

Remote Control Cars

Driving cars is a lot of fun, and driving remote control cars is really a blast, too. These cars have come a long ways as far as power, battery life, rechargeable batteries, and durability. Check out the greatest ones here.

Exercise Equipment for your Home

It used to be impossible to get a gym like workout at home. The equipment was too big, too heavy, too expensive, and there was no way to get the job done. Thanks to advancing technology, you can get most of the great exercises offered at the gym in your own home gym. See what you can fit into your own home here.


There’s no end to great new inventions, and these are just a few of the cool new electronics you don’t want to miss.



Galaxy Note 2 and Meteor Shower

Galaxy Note 2 and Meteor ShowerLast night was a meteor shower. I’m not sure how many people knew about it, or how many people saw it, but it was pretty cool. Apparently, the earth was traveling through an old comet’s trail, and as the earth passed through the comet’s debris, the debris would enter our atmosphere and cause a meteor shower. Pretty cool. What’s also cool, was as I was watching the meteor shower, I could look up facts and details about it on my Galaxy Note 2 phone- which is awesome. The phone has a nice big screen, and with the use of the S-Pen it just feels good. Anyway, it was a pretty neat experience to sit out and watch the meteors fall, and then be able to look up information about the comet, what meteors are, and all the fun facts at the same time.

Of course, the fact the phone is called the Galaxy Note 2 was not lost on me. I was looking into the galaxy, looking up notes on the meteors, and having a nice time. One thing I’d recommend though is getting a good way to protect your phone. I didn’t drop it, but after being out for hours some dew had settled, and I’m glad this kept the phone from getting wet.

Hope to enjoy the next meteor shower whenever it comes!

Stop the Rust

Water causes rust on any metal that contains iron. The iron in the metal oxidizes, and rust forms. It’s a chemical process, but it’s really very easy to prevent. Simply do not buy anything with iron if it is going to be exposed to water! Since you cannot effectively stop the oxidization process, just avoid it altogether!


There are lots of locations where water is common- pools, showers, outdoors, kitchens- and those locations will cause rust if they have any iron metals present. Car manufacturers know that iron can rust, so they avoid it in a lot of modern vehicles where surfaces will contact water. In cooking, good pots and pans are not made of iron metals because they will rust. Some pans, like cast iron skillets, are great for camping or specific uses, but because they rust so bad they require extensive maintenance and oiling to try to lock the water out. They’re not bad for their purpose, but they require a lot of extra work.


One place there should be no rust, and no excuse for rust, is in the shower. Shower heads, shower caddies, drains, doors, and hardware should all be made from metals that do not contain rust. Some cheaper metals made with iron may be coated with chrome, and since chrome will not rust these items are labeled as “rust resistant”. That’s just a nice way of saying they will rust over time. It’s time to realize that rust can and should be prevented in our bathrooms, and the best way to do that is to simply purchase anything without iron. Plastic, cloth, stainless steel, bronze, teak, and bamboo are all good alternatives. Some of them are cheaper than chrome plated metals, and some more expensive. With all the options, there’s no good excuse for manufacturers to even produce inferior products. But, they will make them as long as we buy them. So, let’s say no to rust in the shower. It’s easy.


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Chase Blueprint Contest

The Chase credit card is running a contest for 5 lucky people to win a free trip to the big O You! event in Los Angeles. The event will include Gayle, Peter Walsh of course Oprah and other big shot stars.You can enter every week…so get started now!

About the Chase Blueprint card:

  1. Design a plan for how you want to pay for your purchases
  2. See progress online and on your statements
  3. Save money when you pay off purchases quickly